art & Transdisciplinary rural interaction project


 Violeta Luna finds herself in a fascination where eloquence does not give rise, since her presentation acclaims a fascination for finding the fictional in spaces and buildings that happen to the absurd, that is to say, architectural deconstructions, which in the end make the fictional increase, helping the action of living art, establishing ourselves in scenarios as arbitrary as the timelessness that makes his piece, an inhospitable character, lost from the nomadic journey, fits us in enclaves out of this world, or at least exploring possible worlds   

VIOLETA LUNA’s (Actress / Performance Artist / Activist) work explores the relationship between theatre, performance art and community engagement. Working within a multidimensional space that allows for the crossing of aesthetic and conceptual borders. Luna uses her body as a territory to question and comment on social and political phenomena. Born in Mexico City, Luna obtained her graduate degree in Acting from the Centro Universitario de Teatro (UNAM,) and La Casa del Teatro. She has performed and taught workshops extensively throughout Latin America and Europe, as well as in Rwanda, Egypt, New Zealand, Japan, Canada and USA. She is a member of The Magdalena Project: International Network of Women in Contemporary Theatre and an associate artist of the San Francisco-based performance collectives La Pocha Nostra and Secos & Mojados

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